THERE’S not enough funny in the world.

I wept when the news of Robin Williams’ suicide was broadcast. My initial reaction, like many, was disbelief.

Although much was made of his dramatic roles, in which he did truly shine, his real gift to everyone struggling with this thing called life were the moments of hilarity he provided in stand-up and on film.

When life gives you lemons, I hope that it also gives you friends, or a partner, who can help you see the funny side. And there is a funny side to most things, apart from death. Although some of the world’s top comedians have managed to give us a few laughs about that as well.

Laughter is certainly one crucial key to a successful relationship. Can you imagine eating breakfast for 20 years with someone who never told a joke?

This we know for certain: things won’t go as we planned. But how much more bearable are the failures or disasters with someone who tickles your funnybone?

Maybe this is why comedians such as Williams, Jim Carrey, or Vince Vaughan are a hit with the ladies. They may not be the George Clooney in the room. But they have something just as attractive.A great sense of humour lasts longer than looks and it’s a lot better to be with someone who makes you laugh than makes you cry.

Of course sense of humour is very personal and has a tendency to be generational.

While once slapstick may be have been the comedy fashion, these days no-holds-barred, X-rated one-liners seem to be the flavour of funny movies.

Human beings still divide into humour groups though – slapstick, observational, goofball and so on. Sarcasm doesn’t count.

If you’re with someone who thinks Modern Family or Everyone Loves Raymond is hilarious and you don’t, it’s no laughing matter.

I have been fortunate enough to see some great comedians on stage, including Bill Hicks and Eddie Izzard. Eddie is even sexy as a transvestite – he regularly likes to borrow and dress in his girlfriend’s clothes.

If you’re looking for a partner, you could do worse than test their sense of humour by taking them to a comedy gig, or watching your favourite comedy with them.

Here’s a few of mine. I hope you find a way to laugh, despite the lemons, this weekend.


Midnight Run

Mrs Doubtfire

A Fish Called Wanda

Groundhog Day


Napoleon Dynamite

The Man With Two Brains

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