LADIES. Let’s talk about the imaginary boyfriend/lover/partner. Call him what you will but don’t say you don’t have one. We all have one, in our heads. And, whether we’re single, or we’re attached, he’s a sort of yardstick against which we measure allcomers.
Of course he can also be a fantasy to which we retreat – the perfect man. He’s imaginary, right?
Do men have an imaginary equivalent? Not usually. They probably haven’t watch as many Hollywood chick flicks as we have although they have been subjected to some clap trap about the ideal woman (insatiable, all capable and a good sort and sport) on the big screen.
But back to the imaginary boyfriend. Who is this guy? The competition?
He’s George Clooney bringing you cocktails on the beach, or Ryan Gosling taking you out to listen to music and for a ride in his fast car. He’s Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise (flawed but adorable) and Richard Gere, smooth and cashed up, in Pretty Woman.
He’s the guy who never forgets your anniversary and plans a weekend away, complete with a romantic dinner, to toast you on it.
He’s the man who looks, er, manly, taking out the rubbish, fixing things around the house, or mowing the lawn shirtless … and you never have to ask him to do any of those things. He just does!
He’s the guy who loves your mother, gets on with your father and charms the relatives senseless whenever you take him to a family event.
Mr Imaginary Guy doesn’t have debts or commitment phobia or a psycho ex – in fact, he doesn’t come with much baggage at all. Go figure.
He’s good with kids, dogs, vomit or blood – he’d dash into traffic to rescue your new puppy from danger; he remembers what you drink, your favourite colour or food, and he’s fast with the compliments. (But he makes them seem sincere.)
He’s imaginary, right? And don’t knock it.
When life is all about the 38-hour grind and the nagging – when will he get around to doing those DIY jobs around the house; or – the imaginary boyfriend is a nice place to retreat to. Turn up the radio, listen to your favourite song, and imagine life with Prince Charming.
Daydreaming is good. It’s an escape.
But don’t, whatever you do, expect a real, live man to measure up to Mr Imaginary’s standards.

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